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Organic produce

Our production is appointed to local and international markets, where we are being known due to the quality of our products. It is aimed at fresh use, as well as processed, where our organic peaches are destined to children’s food.

We have several package sizes for organic peaches, like 5, 10, and 15 kilos, according to customer’s needs.


Organic Produce Description





VarietyApproximate Harvest Date
TransvaliaFrom June, 25th to July 10th
513From June, 25th to July 5th
SegreFrom June, 25th to July 5th
Fres-RedFrom July, 1st to July, 10th
YusoFrom July, 5th to July, 15th
GadalupeFrom July, 5th to August 15th
CatherineFrom July, 25th to August 10th
CarsonFrom August, 5th to August, 15th
Baby Gold-6From August, 10th to August, 20th
AndrosFrom August, 25th to September, 10th
TyrssonFrom September, 10th to September, 20th
MiraflorFrom September, 20th to October 5th
CampielFrom September, 25th to October 10th




VarietyApproximate Harvest Date
ErcoliniFrom June, 1st to August 25th
BlanquillaFrom August, 25th to September 15th





VarietyApproximate Harvest Date
StarkiFrom September, 25th to October 15th
GoldenFrom September, 25th to October 15th
FujiFrom September, 5th to September, 15th